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School Uniform

St James the Great is a uniform school and acceptance of a place confirms an undertaking to conform to the school’s uniform policy as outlined below which has been fully endorsed by the Governing Body.  School Uniform can be purchased directly from our supplier Stitch Design.  Instructions on how to use the website can be found here.

Uniform Requirements & Regulations:

  • Items marked with an asterisk below include the school logo and must be purchased through Stitch Design.  Other items may be purchased from other suppliers.
  • Wearing jewellery is not permitted except for small stud earrings for girls.
  • Boys hair should be cut in a conventional style - no shaved heads, patterns, lines or long hair.
  • This regulation equally applies to girls who are expected to keep their hair tidy and tied back if longer than shoulder length using navy blue or white ties. Hair decorations, unnatural colours, and extensions should be kept for holiday periods only.
  • Summer uniform must be worn from the first day back after the Easter holidays.  Children may continue to wear summer uniform, if the weather permits, until we break up for the October half-term.  Winter uniform must be worn at all other times.

Nursery & Reception

Year 1 - Year 6

Boys Girls



  • Plain grey socks 


  • Black shoes (not trainers or boots) 


Summer Term:

  • Charcoal grey shorts.  Please note: Year 6 boys may wear long trousers for the whole of their final year.
  • Navy blue sleeveless pullover can be warn as an alternative to the navy blue pullover* (school logo)



  • Plain white socks (navy or grey tights may be worn during the winter months)


  • Black shoes (not trainers or boots) 


Summer Term:

PE Kit & Bags

PE Kit


  • White Polo shirt* (in team colour with school logo)
  • Navy blue Jogging Bottoms or Navy Blue Shorts (summer alternative)
  • Navy blue Sweatshirt* (school logo)
  • Plain black or white trainers (no patterns or designs)
  • Infants: Book bag* (in team colour with school logo)
  • Juniors: Rucksack* (in team colour with school logo)
  • Drawstring PE bag* (in team colour with school logo)

Please note: Bags and white polo shirts must be ordered in your child's team colour – please ensure you purchase the correct colour.