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Our Future Leaders

At STJTG, we instil a sense of duty within our pupils by giving them roles of responsibility.  We believe this helps to build the children's confidence and maturity, enabling them to grow as successful individuals who are ready to become the future leaders of society.

These roles of responsibility include, but are not limited to:

School Leadership Team - Key Responsibilities:

Our Head Boy and Head Girl Team lead school council and organise elections.  They hold meetings to discuss action points and areas for the whole school development and present these to the Headteacher

Show visitors around the school answering questions when required

Welcome new children to the school

Speak to prospective parents during open day/evening events

House Captains - Key Responsibilities:

House Captains collect points for their respective Houses

Give out House certificates during assembly 

Talk to their teams during house meetings to encourage good behaviour and to remind others of the school's expectations 

Lead their House teams on our annual Sports Day event

Support the Chaplaincy Team in raising money for charities and key fundraising events

Chaplaincy Team - Key Responsibilities:

Lead collective worship - in particular, the school prayer at assembly 

Teach the children sign language for hymns

Set up the hall for collective worship 

Act as Servers at Mass

Write prayers for services

Organise charity events and select charities to benefit

Visit charities when donating collection and speak to charity workers

Support the Parish Priest on retreat

Represent the school at the annual mass at St George's cathedral  

Attend picnic and prayers at Aylesford Abbey 

Squabble Busters - Key Responsibilities:

Support staff in the playground by acting as mediators with the younger children

Support younger children by identifying areas to improve their social skills

Librarians - Key Responsibilities:

Support the librarian in keeping the library tidy and organised

Read with small groups of children

Be knowledgeable about current books and suggest appropriate books for younger children 

Lead World Book Day

Write to authors to invite them to visit our school 

Speak at parents evening to promote the whole school ethos of reading

Sports Ambassadors - Key Responsibilities: 

Represent the school at events supporting staff and reporting on sporting achievements

Write to local papers to highlight successes

Work towards young sport leader's awards

Set up mini tournaments and inter-house tournaments with the lead

Play Leaders - Key Responsibilities:

Organise games at play times and lunchtimes

Help support staff on wet plays 

Work with younger children to discourage rough play and increase collaboration

Lunch Monitors - Key Responsibilities:

Help support staff and dining hall set up and put away tables

Help monitor packed lunches

Be aware of children with nut allergies and check lunches for nutes

Help our younger children with their food and demonstrate good social eating habits

School Council - Key Responsibilites:

Y1-Y6 (plus Reception during the summer term) led by Pupil Leadership Team

Organise and hold elections

Meet with School Leadership Team and Governors

Meet visitors and show them around when necessary

Invite local MP to visit the school

Represent the school during a visit to the Houses of Parliament