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As discussed in more depth on the main curriculum page on our website; one means we ensure that we demonstrate an awareness of cognitive load theory in practice is by ensuring we use knowledge organisers which identifies the key knowledge, vocabulary and skills pupils are expected to learn within each new sequence of learning. 


Having this key information in one place, supports pupils' learning across the sequence of lessons; and alleviates the immediate burden of having to remember a large quantity of information (potentially overloading working memory and preventing knowledge from going into long term memory). 


These have the added bonus of supporting home/ school learning; an accessible and generally one page document that summarises key learning taking place for the duration of the sequence of lessons - providing parents with more information to support their child's learning. 


The previous year's knowledge organisers are passed to the subsequent teachers, who use these to refer back to prior learning with pupils, and ensure that new learning builds on what has come before, particularly making use of previously learned disciplinary knowledge and over- arching concepts. This helps make sequencing more explicit to our pupils, and facilitates retrieval of prior learning, supporting it becoming firmly lodged within long- term memory.