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GSO Test

Achievement 2021-2022


60.7% of children gained a Good Level of Development.  Average Point Score of 32.3


School 67.3%        National 79% 


Phonics  School 96.4%      National 87%

School  National
Reading Expected 78.6% 67%
Reading Greater Depth 23.2% 18%
Writing Expected 61% 58%
Writing Greater Depth 10.7% 8%
Maths Expected 85.7% 68%
Maths Greater Depth 21.4% 15%


School National
Reading Expected 85% 75%
Reading Greater Depth 41% 28%
Writing Expected 72% 69%
Writing Greater Depth 26% 13%

English Grammar Punctuation and Spelling


88.9% 72%

English Grammar Punctuation and Spelling

Greater Depth

44.4% 28%
Maths Expected 87% 71%
Maths Greater Depth 44% 23%
Reading, Writing and Maths Combined 72% 59%
*Prudent Headlines from above internal tracking - this data is still unvalidated and is awaiting final approval from the DFE.

National Data can be found on the Government Website and data used above can be viewed via the link below.

National Data 2021 - 2022 

This page provides an edited summary of St James the Great's latest performance results as provided by the Department for Children, Schools and Families. (DCSF) and the Department for Education (Links to the raw data are available via the page “Performance Results – An Introduction”

  • The above shows, that writing is now the greatest area impacted by Covid, particularly GDS standard in KS2 ( also impacting KS2 writing). The STJTG writing approach being led by English Lead/ SLT member is a mastery approach to writing and should have impact. With the additional deployment of Mrs Harrod to Y6, this is enabling the English Leader/ SLT member to personally teach and target our GDS readers every day.
  • Year 1 phonics was impacted by cohort dependent issues. 
  • End of Keystage 1 results were significantly above the National average.
  • End of Keystage 1 phonics reflects the good work being done to support those who did not achieve the standard in Year 1
  • End of Keystage 2 results for RWM combined place us in the top 15% of schools nationally. This matches for Reading, Maths results place us in top 5% nationally for progress made from KS1.
  • The data also shows that pupils have made progress throughout lockdown – particularly Y2 reading (EXP), and both KS1 and KS2 maths where assessments show higher attainment. This shows that the STJTG approach to remote education was robust and had strong impact.

See Remote Education Policy